We know what you’re thinking.

Custom fabrication is expensive and you’re never really satisfied with the final product. The fabricator fails to deliver as promised; they make you look bad to your client. The code-related objects like the handrails are late or they don’t pass final inspection. Even worse, scheduling with the other subs has become a nightmare. You give up and purchase off-the-shelf railings and furnishings that should have taken your project to the next level. You compromise your vision just to lessen the pain already endured on this overdue and over-budget project.  Did we get this right?

Here’s how MakeFab is different:

  • We discuss value engineering solutions before we price the project.
  • We help make suggestions for material selection, finishes and joining methods to meet your level of detail.
  • We provide samples for your approval.
  • We invite you into the shop to see your work in progress.
  • We deliver on or before our promised deadline.

 It’s simple. Check us out…

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