Your vision is clear.

You’ve sketched a hundred variations of your design – you have a pile of trace to prove it. You finally have it: the perfect concept. You’re excited about it. Ready to see it built. Everyone will marvel. Covet. Tell their friends.

But…you’re not finished. Fabricating details still need to be finalized. Making your dream become reality can be shocking when you aren’t prepared for the fabrication process or the price tag. Don’t be shocked. Be prepared. Save yourself time. Save yourself worry. Get your dream realized as quickly as possible for the least amount of money. Our best work is when designer and fabricator work together during the creative process.

Once we’ve worked together we’ll know what you expect regarding details. We’ll get to know your price points and will offer solutions in materials to suit. Then your cocktail napkin sketches will be easy to price. With approximate dimensions and a quick conversation, you could be on your way to realizing your dream project.

MakeFab will work with you on the details:

Pick the best materials for your project. Does 304 or 316 stainless steel make sense? Corten or raw steel? Aluminum? What gauge? Is your specified resin an exterior grade? Make an appointment to familiarize yourself with the wide range of materials and products available. We’ll help you understand their uses, strengths and weaknesses in order to create a more viable design and keep cost down.

  1. Material specification details. It’s simple. Ask for ‘value engineering’ suggestions before your specifications are complete. If there’s a budget, please share this information for best results.
  2. Finishing details. Does the direction of the brushed finish make a difference to you? Sandblasted vs. orbital sanded-finish? We’ll help.
  3. Let’s discuss stock material sizes vs. oversize materials. If oversize materials aren’t available for your design, a seam will be required. We’ll assume the seaming matters to you. It does to us.
  4. Choosing a material joining method. Welding spots can remain raw or ground smooth. Do you want screws, nails, or rivots? Determine the level of finishing detail you expect.
  5. Do you require more than our bid? If so, a construction document will be needed. All details should be conveyed to each contractor in writing so all pricing reflects the same product. If possible, invite all contractors to a pre-bid meeting to discuss details and specifications. Send out drawings and specifications before the meeting and field questions at the meeting so everyone is informed and on the same page.
  6. Be considerate by comparing ‘like’ fabricators. Quality is subjective.
  7. Deliver and install or customer pick-up? We do it all if needed.
  8. Would you like a warranty. How long? What should it cover? We are also licensed, bonded and insured.
  9. Schedule a mid-fabrication meeting to view your work in progress. Communicate any issues at this point. Invite the client if you wish.
  10.   Lastly, be a good client. Everyone’s time is precious. If you ‘source’ a fabricator to complete your specs; use them. If you like their work, use them again. Tell your friends.
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