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Dwell Conference in LA June 25th-27th

Anyone going to the Dwell Conference this year?

I went last year. It was the same weekend as CaBoom; which I’m not sure was a good idea. I’m glad I went – got to see some interesting exhibitors and great new products – but there was a very eery feeling of ‘recession’ lingering over both events. That, coupled with the fact that a typical Dwell vendor and CaBoom vendor might be one-in-the-same, seemed to delute the energy between the two locations, which was low to begin with. Why didn’t they combine the two events, or at the very least, locate them closer to one another. One parking spot – two modernist events. Anyway, a recession is a recession, and, as we all know, no one in this industry has been left untouched. Well, almost no one; but that’s a different story.

I hope to attend Dwell this year. Remember, anyone ‘in the biz’ can attend for FREE! So, take advantage and enjoy. http://www.dwellondesign.com/

I haven’t seen anything on-line about this year’s CaBoom event. Have they dropped out?

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